Wicked At WordPress

Stop letting your lack of WordPress prowess block you from getting ahead in your business. I'm giving you the keys to unlock total WP boss status in yourself.

Have you ever screamed this...?!

Maybe you’re new to all this and are wondering… How do I change the images? What’s the difference between pages and posts? And how do I launch? 🤯

You’ve spent hours trying fix one thing and you cannot for-the-life-of-you work out what it’s doing! And you’ve tried everything you can think of…🤯

You just feel so discouraged and frustrated because you don’t even know how to edit or update your own site! Even a simple task needs to be hired out! 🤯


“They claim that WordPress is so user friendly, yet I was anything but friendly while trying, for days and days.”

Figuring out each step yourself is not only time consuming, but it can be frustrating as hell

There’s no reward for going in blind and learning the hard way through trial and error. It’s just a good way to destroy any inspiration and excitement you have before you’ve even began.

What if your tech skills no longer discouraged you, but actually empowered you?

What if you logged into your website feeling clued-in & confident?

✔️ Understanding how the back-end of your site works.
✔️You wouldn’t need to hire a web developer, because you’d know how to add new features as your site evolves.
✔️You’d feel confident and empowered managing, editing and updating your site yourself.
✔️You’d have so much more energy freed up for actually working on bringing your goals to life!

That’s Why I Want To Share With You My Shortcuts

So you can go from clueless to confident, enjoy blogging and sharing your message with the world.

I Will Help You Feel...

By building a strong and secure foundation and optimizing your site for growth

By understanding how your site works and easily managing, editing and updating your site yourself

By quickly implementing new features yourself as your site and brand evolves

You Deserve To Run Your Blog Like You Mean Business

Your Relationship With WordPress Right Now...

✖️ You feel pretty clueless in your blog’s dashboard or that you’re constantly winging-it.
✖️ You feel confused, often with WordPress and disheartened when something seems so simple but you just can’t make it work.
✖️ You may not even know how to edit your own site at all and you feel a lack of control in your own business
✖️ You are tired of having to pay a freelancer for every little task. 
✖️ You’re sick of being frustrated, and have thought more than once it’s all too hard thought of giving up.
✖️ You’re frustrated of trying everything-you-can-think-of and things still not working
✖️ You’ve hired someone or thought about hiring a professional to add additional features or customizations.
✖️ You feel a rush of fear if you ever see a WordPress warnings or error
✖️ You haven’t updated your blogs software because you’re not sure if you’ll lose anything
✖️ You’re not sure how to backup and restore your blog, so you just hope you won’t ever need to.

Your Life After Taking Wicked At WordPress...

✔️ You use WordPress and all its cool features to your full advantage.
✔️ You no longer get frustrated easily, but feel clarity understanding how your site works.
✔️ You don’t have to hire a web developer to implement new features as your blog and brand evolves.
✔️ You have clarity and are clued-in to how your blog works and aren’t fearful that you’ll ever lose anything.
✔️ You feel peace of mind that your blog has a strong and secure foundation against spam and attacks.
✔️ You feel secure that your blog is legal with all the necessary terms, policies and disclaimers.
✔️ You have peace of mind your site back-ups are scheduled just in case
 You have the skills to restore your site if you ever needed to with just one click
✔️ You feel confident and empowered managing, editing and updating your site yourself.

Special Bonus When You Enroll Now!

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Get a bonus "How Do I...?" module added to your course, featuring common and not-so-common WordPress questions and troubleshooting solutions. This is an awesome resource to have in your arsenal!

I'm Ready To Get Started

I created Wicked At WordPress to be the DIY solution for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs who don't have thousands to spend on a professional developer and who want to empower themselves.
And I've priced it at    ̶$̶3̶9̶7̶ ̶

Is this really the best way to learn how to use my website?

I think so! As a web developer, I kept hearing the same WordPress frustrations again and again, so I designed this course as the solution to these specific pain points to provide clarity & confidence.

What Our Students Think

Jo Says:

"Fantastic course especially for new users to WordPress. I knew very little about creating a site, I’d bought a template and didn’t know how to use it. You have really made this journey much easier than I thought. I was such a technophobe before this, I’d always really wanted to do a blog but didn’t think I would ever have the knowledge so a huge thank you coming your way." 

Rebecca Says:

"You have taught me so much and made it such a breeze, I am certain there will be other people in my boat who could do with your help that makes things like this so simple and easier to understand without being overwhelming."

Hadassah Says:

"There are not enough thanks in the world to give you for helping me out!  When I initially got wordpress last year, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I was completely lost. Until I found your blog. You have literally saved me from that fog of confusion that often shrouds a novice like me! I am loving Wicked At WordPress! It’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do – walking me through and empowering me to keep going!"



You’ll need a domain name and web hosting If you wish to follow along in your WordPress dashboard with the tech tutorials.  Alternatively, you can upgrade your free WordPress blog to a WordPress Business account.
If you don't have a website yet, please enroll in our 'How To Start A Blog course', first. 


Nope, no way! I’ve made each lesson as easy and effective as possible and I’ll show you how you can add new features and functionality without any code! And on top of that, I have added lessons with tips on how to safely add code snippets to your site without actually coding. 


Like my free blogging course, Wicked At WordPress is a full online course with both video and text lessons. The free course gets your website up and shows you the fundamentals of blogging. 

This course, however, goes much more in-depth. It will teach you to how the site you already have works; how to use it, edit it, update it and add to it as your brand evolves. You’ll also learn how to create brand new websites from scratch.

After completing the course you’ll understand how your site works and confidently use it to your advantage. No more letting the tech limit your potential or prevent you from growing your blog or business!


No problem at all! You’re exactly the person in mind who I’ve created this course for. I’ll be walking you through each and every tech piece along the way. I will be sharing my screen so all you need to do is follow along and you will be good to go!


The course covers all the skills needed to confidently manage your WordPress website, designed for  entrepreneurs, whether you’re a blogger, a freelancer or a business owner. All of the lessons relate to any WordPress website. Including eCommerce lessons so you can run an online shop from your WordPress site. 


The course is designed for self-hosted WordPress.org installations OR WordPress.com business accounts. (So if you have the ability to upload themes and plugins then you’re good to go!) There’s also a lesson on how to transfer simply from wordpress.com to wordpress.org as well.


If you tried to figure WordPress all out on your own, yes – it would take you a lot of time! But with my help, you will actually save yourself A LOT of time. This is a self-paced course, so you’ll be able to go through it whenever you want. You’ll also get life-time access.


I totally respect and understand how tough it can be to invest into your yourself, your business and your blog. Wicked At WordPress is an investment; it’s a premium course for those that resonate with that level of guidance and want my shortcut.
Plus, if you were to hire a developer for help or a customization in the future, you’d end up spending much more than this amount for an hour of their time! But when you have this course in your arsenal, you'll be able to troubleshoot most issues or fix them yourself. 

Sneak Preview At The Modules:

4 mins
How to get support
2 mins
Module 1 - WordPress Essentials
Why WordPress is awesome
3 mins
How to customize ANY WordPress theme (beyond what your theme "allows")
6 mins
Pre-steps to know
4 mins
Domain and hosting cheatsheet
73.8 KB
How to install WordPress & SSL security (text version)
Getting Acquainted With WordPress
2 mins
The Wordpress Dashboard
5 mins
What kind of website are you creating
2 mins
Site planning cheatsheet
107 KB
Module 2: Moving An Existing Website To WordPress
How to transfer from .com to .org
1 min
How to transfer from .com to .org [text steps]
How to import posts from a different platform
2 mins
Module 3 - Get The Most Out Of Your Site
Themes, frameworks and child themes
5 mins
Choosing A Theme
Installing a theme
4 mins
The WordPress customizer and live preview
5 mins
Web Design Tips Cheatsheet
80.5 KB
WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts
75.2 KB
Posts & Pages
10 mins
All About Menus
5 mins
All About Media
10 mins
All About Links
8 mins
Ideal Image Size Cheatsheet.pdf
189 KB
Where To Find Images Cheatsheet.pdf
95.9 KB
Create and format a blog post
7 mins
Blog Post Sharing on Auto Pilot.pdf
103 KB
Create and format a page
7 mins
Module 4 - Building A Strong Foundation
Avoid These Common Mistakes
5 mins
Secure Your Site Against Spam
3 mins
Secure And Safeguard Your Site
4 mins
Make Your Site Legal
Module 5 - Adding Features And Functionality
How to add additional features to your website, ZERO coding required
4 mins
Uplevel your site with plugins
5 mins
Top Free WordPress Plugins
Add functionality with widgets
3 mins
Add features: email newsletter sign up
12 mins
Add features: social shares & channel icons
8 mins
Add features: Instagram gallery
Add features: contact forms
5 mins
Adding new features cheatsheet
87.9 KB
Module 6 - Managing Your WordPress Site
Users and roles
4 mins
Updates and backing up
8 mins
WordPress maintenance checklist
75.3 KB
Changing themes
4 mins
Troubleshooting Issues
6 mins
Troubleshooting WordPress cheatsheet
113 KB
Restoring a backup
2 mins
Where to find help
4 mins
Module 7 - Gutenberg: Creating Posts & Pages With The New Editor
Gutenberg vs Classic Editor
2 mins
Creating Posts & Pages With Gutenberg
10 mins
Module 8 - Running Your eCommerce Shop
Setting up your shop: eCommerce overview
5 mins
Woocommerce settings walkthrough
Woocommerce shortcode tricks
Module 9 - Advanced WP Capabilities
Overview of advanced possibilities
1 min
Just for fun: customize the WP dashboard
4 mins
Dashboard color palettes
99.2 KB
Doing cool things with subdomains
5 mins
Adding code snippets
4 mins
Bonus Module: How Do I...?
How To Set Up SSL Security
How To Change The Permalink Structure
How To Delete Unused WordPress Themes
How To Make A TripWire Page
How To Change Blog Name & Tagline
How To Get Started With SEO
How To Protect Your Site From Spam
How To Create Categories & Set Default Category
How To Change The Admin Username
How To Add A Link To Text and Images In WordPress (Affiliate ones too!)
How To Connect Your Newsletter Form
How To Fill Out Your Profile Info
How To Set Up Blog Page & Home Page
Set How Content Appears In Archive Pages
How To Set A Menu + Mega Menu
How To Display Your Instagram Feed On Your Site
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Yes! I'm Ready To Show WordPress Who's Boss!

You already know that you are ready to make a change. To get in control of your business and your website.